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Labeling Machinery

Labeling Machinery

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine Model with optional Electronic Label Pick Up System. The machine is ideal for the customers requiring lower rate of production for round container, where Automatic Labelling machine are not Economical.
Semi Automatic Labeling Machine Model , being the latest addition in the range of labelling machine. The machine is suitable for round Containers with the pack size of Appx. 30ml to 1/5 Ltr. appx., be they of Aluminium ,Composite, HDPE, Pet, Tin or Glass. Most important feature of the Labelling Machine is that it does not require any change parts for change in sizes of Container or Label.


Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine
Salient Features:
  • Compact Table Top Model for Ease in handling.
  • No change parts required for changes in Size of Container & Label.
  • Suitable for Glass/Plastic/Metal/Tin/Pet/Aluminium/Composite Containers, Tins, Jars and Bottles.
  • Grooved and Brut shaped bottles can also be labelled.
  • Suitable for Spot, Complete Wrap-Around and Over Lap Labelling where the length of Label is more than the circumference of the container.
  • Minimum Glue Consumption due to special design of Glue Cylinder for Strip Gluing.
  • Suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Food, Beverage, Distillery, Cosmetics, Pesticides, Chemicals, Agro Chemical and similar products.
Technical Details:  
Width X Length
MAX. OUTPUT Bottles/Min
Min. 25mm – 70 mm
Max. 160mm – 325 mme

Min. Dia. 35 mm
Max. Dia. 150 mm

Upto 40 Labels/Min
Min. 25mm – 70 mm
Max. 220mm – 525 mm
Min. Dia. 35 mm
Max. Dia. 175 mm
Upto 40 Labels/Min
FlameProof Ver.
Spec. as per or Special Model

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