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Manufacturer and Exporter of Semi Automatic Labeling Equipment, Fully Automatic Labelling System, Label Printing Machine, Labeler Machinery, Filler Machines, Filling Equipment, Double Side Labeling Machine from India Om Bhagwati Labelling Technologies – Machinery for Labelling.

Labeling Machinery

Advantage Of Our Labeling Machines

Salient Feature:

User Friendly:

User-friendlier machine increase the efficiency of operator and also create better working experience.

Machine with low maintenance increase the life of machine and also saves the valuable time and expenditures of company.

Change Parts:
Minimum required change parts and change over time helps to increase the productivity.

Power Consumption:

Lower Power Consumption of machine help you as well as country to saves valuable power.

Down Time:
Lower down time of machine saves manpower increase the productivity and effecting headache free management.

Lower Rejection percentage creates better picture of your company showing long term indirect saving on your expenses.

Machine with above all features put you as well as your company in a good shape showing the increasing rate of productivity.

Our Labelling Machines incorporate latest and most advance technology / systems.

In house design, resultant to 10 year of experience and Expertise in the field of Labelling Machines.

Electric Supply:
Our machines works on 220 VAC / Single Phase (50 Hz /60Hz) power supply which is easily available.

Label Spool:
Largest 300mm or 400mm Diameter label Spool, Containing more labels in each rolls reducing frequent label change over time.

Label Data Inputs:
Our Labelling does not required any Label size data inputs due to In-Built Automatic Label Length Detections Systems, Machine automatically detect the label size and gap between labels. Operator can fix label roll on machine and can start production immediately.

Label Placing Systems:
User Friendly and Simple, while other make machines required Electronic time delay data setting and alterations from time to time.

Built in Feature:
Machine also has standard built Features like No Product –No Label system and Digital production counter.

Pass Word Systems:
Fully protected, No pass word system in machine saves valuable time of operator by eliminating the Pass Word systems.

Label Length:
No restriction on Label Length, any label length works with the machine selected by user according to the product size. Machine will automatically detect the label size.

Bottle Release:
In-Built Product Separators System –No Extra Change Parts Required for various bottle size to run on machine.

Compatibility of Coder :
Compatible with any High Quality Contact and Inkjet & Hot Foil Coder. Contact Coder Works with the machine without Encoder and fully synchronized with labelling machine speed.

Materials of Construction:
Heavy Duty Frame Structure with SS-304 Enclosures.

Running Cost:
Machine with lowest running cost due to very very low power consumption, almost 0% failure rate, elimination of requirement of expensive mechanical and electronic spare parts and most important after sales and service support. The fact is confirmed by many customers based on their experience.

Faster Change Over:

Fastest Change over time for change in label size due to Elimination of data inputs/retrieval and pass word system and also due to smart bottle separator eliminating feed screw system.

Virtually maintenance Free Machine. daily maintenance and lubrication does not required ,saves valuable time and money.

Spare Parts:
Virtually Maintenance Free System eliminates the frequent requirement of spares, however required spares are inexpensive and easily available.

Single Micro Processor Controlled Electronic Card System operates the entire machine; our card is guaranteed to work in any condition without power stabilized.

Change Parts:
No Change Parts required for change in label and Vial/Bottle Diameter. Change parts required only for Ampoule labeling machine for change in ampoule Diameter.

The machine incorporates A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System.

Label Application Height:
Easy to change label application height on bottles, Simple hand wheel adjustment to in increase or decrease label application height.

Totally enclosed for Operator Safety.

Label Height:
The Design of machine is customized and can be supplied as per the maximum size of the labels. Standard machine can take label height up to 60/90mm depending on model.

Flexible Design:
Flexible designs to apply labels on various shapes and size with the help of adjustments or in some case with the change of few parts.

Elegant Finished SS-304 Machine Indigenously designed and manufactured under on roof, suitable for tropical Indian Conditions.

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